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Magnetic Filter

Magnetic coolant separator

Keep gravity liquid flows, coolants, wash systems and more….CLEAN – with ) or Specials Bu···

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1 Piece/Pieces



Product Details

  Keep gravity liquid flows, coolants, wash systems and more….CLEAN – with ) or Specials Built-to-Suit your unique or larger central applications.  CF-Q Series nearly eliminates costs of paper filter media, labor to change/clean filters, tanks and fluid lines.   Your Liquid or Coolant is directed into  the powerful permanent rare earth industrial magnetic rotating drum face, resulting in a magnetic  cake screen of ferrous, and trapped non-ferrous when operated in optional Index mode.

Product Description


Coolant Separator


Iron ;stainless steel (304/316/304L)

Weight Ranges





  • standard NdFeB drums available.

  • 100% More Magnetic Gauss at furthest coolant flow under precision formed weir.

  • 98% Separation Efficiency down to 10-20 Micron.

  • Hi-Intensity rugged Industrial Magnetic Drum built to Outperform & Outlast!

Product show:

 coolant separator (2)coolant separator (3)

Working Pronciple:







   We will send you the formal drawing as your requirment before the production.


Keep Cutting Coolants Clean with Self-Cleaning Magnetic Chip Coolant Separators while Reducing CostsRemove ferrous and non-ferrous particles easily and efficiently. The coolant is directed into a powerful wet industrial magnetic drum separator, which attracts the ferrous particles onto the drum magnet face, the resulting cake also traps the non-ferrous contaminants when operating in index mode.


  • Self cleaning magnet

  • Permanent Magnet Hi-intensity flat faced exposed polarity drum, provides most effective separation.

  • No paper products or filter elements to buy or dispose of, eliminating media costs

  • Magnetic filter cleans coolant, providing longer life and lower costs

  • Extends life of tooling and machinery

  • Stainless steel housing

  • Standard unit operates in continuous mode