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Permanent Magnets

Crane and excavator lifting magnet

Crane and excavator lifting electromagnet,automatic magnet lifter steel plate lifting elec···

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Product Details

Crane and excavator lifting electromagnet,automatic magnet lifter steel plate lifting electromagnet, adjustable electromagnet

The Electromagnet


  The range of machines are designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for high powered electro magnets, that are both lightweight and compact, a requirement which has been predominantly driven by the mobile crusher market.


  The Electromagnet is based on a similar frame design as the permanent magnet range, utilizing only two pulleys, instead of 4. The new units are also air cooled, eliminating the need for any oil or conservator tanks.


  The high gradient magnetic field emitted from the Electromagnet enables the recovery of smaller iron contaminants, which may have otherwise been missed by a permanent magnet. The additional strength also improves the magnets capability of lifting heavier tramp metals.


The benefits of the Electromagnet are;


- Electro Magnet can be switched off.

- Higher magnetic gradient than permanent.

- Air cooled coil rather than oil cooled so no issue with oil.

- Low profile so takes up no more space than equivalent permanent magnet and eliminating the need to have four pulleys.

- Lightweight so can be used for mobile machinery installations



Product Description



Strong Electro Magnetic Lifter for Lifting Metal Scrap




Steel mills, foundry industries
Weight Ranges


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Pro-E, UG,SolidWorks,AutoCad, PDF  

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Engineers available to service machinery overseas for 1 year

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Working principle:

-1 (1)



Rectangular electromagnet



 Round electromagnet 






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