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PET Flakes Sorting Line

 PET Flakes Sorting Line

Waste Plastic flake Recycling Machineeddy currentPET Aluminum separatorProcess Flowchart:D···

Min.Order Quantity:

1 Piece/Pieces



Product Details

Waste Plastic flake Recycling Machine eddy current PET Aluminum separator 

 Separadores De Metales Non-Ferrous Metal Aluminum with Eddy Current Separator Recycling Machine for Automatic Separating Line


Process Flowchart:

De-baling----- Label Scrapping------ Label Separation------- Bottle Pre-washing--------Manual Sorting and Metal Detecting-----Wet Grinding-------Gravity Separation-------Chemical Washing for PET Flakes-------Rinsing--------Drying--------Packing

Fiber Grade PET Bottle Washing &Crushing Line (TL 6000)

Composition of PET Bottle Bale:

PET ContainersOne-way bottles
Colors FractionPET bottles should be pre-sorted by color. If the percentage of color bottles is higher than 30%, we suggest customer to install the automatic color bottle sorting machine to achieve efficiency.
Base CupsIncluded, if any, and should be PP or PE plastic.
(shrunk or glued)
The production line is designed for removing label mechanically. All type of labels will be removed by mechanical action. It includes paper, BOPP, PET, PVC, etc.
Caps sealsEVA, PP ( floatable material )
PVC or rubber seals are not separable.
GlueHot melt, water borne.
ContaminationMixed with the bottles could be present contaminations coming from the collection and storage of the postconsumer bottles or made by consumer. These contaminations include mud, sand, soil, glass, organics, paper, residual liquid, etc.
Total contamination content should not exceed 10%.
Total Non-PET
Non-PET containers max 2% of which
PVC Container0.5 -1% max
Polyolefins Container3 % max. It will only affect the output volume but not quality of end product.
Wrong PET Colors
and Opaque
1-2% max
Glass and Ceramic (metals excluded)0.5 -1% max
Magnetic Metals0.5 - 1% max
Aluminum and Non Magnetic Metals0.5 - 1% max
All kind of metal will be separated before crushing