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ProductIntroductionSpiral extrusion type solid-liquid separator is a new mechanical dewate···

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Product Introduction

Spiral extrusion type solid-liquid separator is a new mechanical dewatering equipment developed by referring to various advanced dewatering equipment at home and abroad and combining with our own dewatering equipment r&d and manufacturing experience. Spiral extruding solid-liquid separator is mainly composed of control cabinet, pipeline, body, screen, extruding jiaolong, reduction motor, counterweight, unloading device and other parts, this equipment is widely used, and has been recognized by the majority of users in the market.


working principle of solid liquid separator
The principle of solid-liquid separator is spiral extrusion solid-liquid separation technology.The main components are: body, screen, extrusion and stranding, reduction motor, unloading device and other components.
 After the cutting feed pump pumps the mixture to the solid-liquid separator through the pipeline, the separator starts, and the mixture is gradually pushed forward to the front of the body by squeezing the stringer.
 At the same time, the pressure of the leading edge is constantlyincreased, forcing the water in the material to extrude the screen and flow out of the drain pipe. The work of the extruder is continuous, the material is continuously pumped into the body, the leading edge of the pressure is increasing, when to a certain extent, the discharge port will be opened, extrusion extrusion port, to achieve the purpose of extrusion.In order to grasp the speed and water content of the discharge, the control device in front of the main engine can be adjusted to achieve a satisfactory and appropriate discharge state.

Application & Features:                                   

1. Chickens, cows, horses, and all kinds of intensive farming of animal manure, biogas wastewater for  organic fertilizer;

2. Medical, starch, sauce residue, slaughterhouses, such as slag liquid  separation of high concentration organic wastewater. 

3. Adjustable discharging material: according to your different.

4. After process will remain the moisture 30%.

5. Extrusion spiral:twin wing blades,made of stainless steel , corrosion resisting and wear-resisting because of the special processing.





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