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Inclined Sieve Dewatering Separator

Product introduction:With the increasingly new sewage discharge standards, the demand for ···

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Product introduction:

With the increasingly new sewage discharge standards, the demand for sewage treatment equipment with inclined screen separators has increased. The inclined screen separator is suitable for the sewage produced by various breeding farms (pig farm, chicken farm, cattle farm, etc.). "Integrated" manure separator farming sewage treatment equipment, the equipment is mainly used for the dehydration of livestock and poultry manure, manure and biogas residue. This machine is suitable for the solid-liquid separation of low-concentration sewage. The pig manure oblique screen separator requires that the water content of the material is above 90%, and the solid particle size of the material is above 0.3mm.

The utility model of the fully automatic inclined screen separator has a novel structure, convenient operation, stable and reliable operation. Due to the multi-layer water filter, the removal rate of suspended solids is high, the waste water treatment capacity is large, the machine area is small, and the equipment cost Low-level advantages; due to the installation of a grading collection sliding bucket and a concentrated collection box, it can be recycled according to the diameter of the suspended particles. The utility model can reduce the content of suspended solids in industrial waste water, meet the environmental protection discharge requirements, and reduce the pollution to the human living environment.

Working principle:

The raw manure water is sent to the pig manure dewatering machine with a matching submerged pump. The solid material (dry manure) is squeezed and separated through the stainless steel screw shaft placed in the screen, and the liquid flows out from the liquid outlet through the screen. .

Product advantages:

The livestock and poultry manure processor has the characteristics of small size, low speed, simple operation, convenient installation and maintenance, low cost, high efficiency, fast investment recovery, and no need to add any flocculants; the high-strength screw shaft used in the livestock and poultry manure processor , Corrosion-resistant alloy double spiral blades and screens are made of stainless steel, and the spiral blades are treated with alloy, so that the service life of the whole machine is 2 times longer than that of other manufacturers.

 Application after treatment: 

1. The dried feces separated by dehydration are almost odorless, with low viscosity and can be used as fertilizer.
2. Stir the dried feces after dehydration and separation into straw chaff and fully stir, add strains for fermentation, granulation can be made into compound organic fertilizer.
3. At the same time, it can be made into pellet feed, which is a good feed for fish.
4. Fertilizing flowers/special cash crops can transform the organic matter of the soil.




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