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Methods of prolonging the service life of eddy current separator

After buying the eddy current separator, how can we operate and maintain it correctly to greatly prolong its service life and reduce its failure rate?


Let's first learn about the lower eddy current separator. Eddy current metal separator is the mainstream waste non-ferrous metal separation equipment in the industry at present. Its aliases include eddy current separator, eddy current separator, copper aluminum separator, aluminum plastic separator, etc. It is mainly used to sort non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, magnesium and zinc in waste metal crushing materials and stainless steel with high purity. The main part mainly consists of drive motor, frame, cover and other parts. The subassembly is the core component of the equipment. After years of research, development, manufacturing and sales, we have concluded that the advantages of eddy current separator are simple structure, light weight, strong repulsion (adjustable), strong adaptability to materials With large quantity and high separation efficiency, it can be widely used in new energy and environmental protection, especially in the field of non-ferrous metal regeneration.



We spent money on the equipment, so we should make good use of it and maintain it to create greater possibilities for it.

Remember the following maintenance methods:

1. the eddy current separator needs to be lubricated and maintained every ten days during normal operation, especially the bearing. As long as there is no oil shortage, the service life will be extended by 2 When the equipment is out of service for a long time, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. It is strictly forbidden to soak the machine in rain.

3. when adjusting the tightness of the belt of the eddy current sorter, loosen the entire connecting bolts of the sealing plates at both ends of the frame, and tighten the adjusting bolts of the bearing seats at both ends with a wrench until the belt is pressed down by 10-15 mm with your thumb.

4. the equipment shall be regularly cleaned of dust. The internal surface of parts shall be cleaned with strong wind or brush to prevent a variety of dirt and dust from being sucked into the belt and magnetic roller body, thus causing failure.

5. during the operation of the eddy current separator, regularly check whether the connecting bolts are loose. If they are loose, tighten the bolts in time.

6. when abnormal noise is found during the use of the equipment, the operation shall be stopped immediately to check whether the components are abnormal or damaged. If any damage is found, it shall be replaced in time.

7. during the operation of the equipment, the quality and oil level of the lubricating oil of the reducer and each box shall be checked regularly. According to the decomposition and oxidation degree of the oil, remove the observation hole cover and fill the mechanical oil. The oil volume should be at the upper part of the cursor pointer center line.

8. frequently observe the easily worn parts, especially the conveyor belt. In case of wear, replace it in time to avoid delaying operation.